The Valley Cat Hotel

Your cat's favorite vacation spot!

What to Bring

Vaccination Certificate

A current Vaccination certificate must be produced for each cat upon arrival.

Please note that no cat suffering from or suspected to be suffering from any infections or contagious disease can be accepted.

The Valley Cat Hotel reserves the right to refuse admission to any cat not possessing a current vaccination certificate or showing signs of ill health.

Personal supplies

Always transport your cat in a pet carrier.

If a cat comes to a strange place he might spook and jump out of your arms.

We provide your cat with clean and cozy blankets, a covered litter pan, clean food dishes and a scratching post.

However, if you feel your feline friend would be more comfortable and reassured you can bring his/her blanket, bed and toys.


Your cat will be fed according to his/her normal routine and diet.

Food brands like Friskies, Whiskas, Meow Mix etc. are included in the rate.

If you feed your cat a specialty- or high end food we kindly ask you to bring it along.


If your kitty needs daily medication we are able to administer it. 

Sorry, we do not accept diabetic cats. Please board your diabetic cat at your Vet Hospital.

Administration of medication is subject to a flat fee of $5 per day.




14-year old Daniel enjoying the view and the sun


My oldest lady so far: 19 year old Pepper, very inquisitive & healthy with a great appetite!

Rowdy & Zoe 

Boomer & Archie napping peacefully


Siblings Zoe & Rowdy