The Valley Cat Hotel

Your cat's favorite vacation spot!

The Hotel

Our Cat Suites

Our hotel features large, floor-to-ceiling suites with built-in shelves to encourage your kitty to exercise and lounge on an elevated level.

Each contains a covered litter box, clean food dishes, cozy blankets and a scratching post.

Our suites have sliding windows with a safe and private balcony. Your cat can enjoy fresh air and a great view of our garden and horse paddocks (weather permitting).

The balconies are securely fenced.

The suites accommodate one or two cats.

Daily Care

We feed our guest cats according to their feeding routine at home.

If you brush or treat your cat we gladly do this for him, too.

We spend plenty of time with our four-legged guests on a daily basis. We live on the property therefore your cat is never alone.

We make sure your feline companion feels stress-free, secure and comfortable while staying at the Valley Cat Hotel.

The litterbox and food dishes are cleaned daily. Between cat guests the whole suite and all its contents get a thorough cleaning and sanitizing.

Why not cageless boarding?

Cageless boarding with shared food and common litter boxes not only compromises hygiene and increases health risks and stress adapting to other cats, but makes it virtually impossible to properly monitor each individual cat’s food intake and urinary and fecal output.

Most feline diseases are transmitted through direct contact with one another or fecal matter.

Most veterinarians will not recommend boarding cats in a cageless environment.

The well-being of your cat is our top priority.



Sandra Gunther; owner of the Valley Cat Hotel, here with Dexter 

Valley Cat Hotel rooms
It's a comfortable and peaceful place

Spacious, floor-to-ceiling private rooms

safely fenced private balconies